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Finding value in Bioprospecting

National Bioresource Development Board, Department of Biotechnology, has been supporting programmes on Bioprospecting of bioresources with the main objective of identifying novel genes, transcription factors, promoters, vectors, molecules, etc.

During the XI Plan, it has now been decided to support `Centres for Bioprospecting' which would be responsible for screening, characterisation and functional validation of the novel bioprospected genes or molecules.

Leads generated from ongoing projects should form the basis for such a study.

Activities related to scale up application and product development should be linked with industrial partners.

Who can apply

Any laboratory from the public sector, universities, Government-funded national institutes, not-for-profit organisations having expertise in the area of bioprospecting can apply. There should be a senior team leader with proven track record having sufficient expertise and leads in the area of bioprospecting as evident from publications, patents, technologies transferred, etc.

The laboratory should have the basic infrastructure available for conducting such studies.

How to apply
The principal investigator should submit 10 copies of the proposal giving: Name of scientist and designation, name of the organisation, affiliation, expertise available (Please enclose brief bio-data giving five best publications in peer-reviewed journals in the related area and details of patents granted and technology transferred), basic infrastructure available for the proposed centre, details of the proposal (not more than five pages), biorersource to be prospected, prospecting for What, leads available, commercial application/utility of the prospected genes, molecules etc.

Novelty of the product, work plan with timelines, quantifiable output and deliverables, tentative budget (non-recurring, recurring and manpower) should also be provided.

The Hindu - Education Plus - Monday, December 18, 2006