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Headstart School
Brief Outline:
Headstart Nursery and Primary School was started in 1995, by Mrs.Sudha Mahesh, who remains the Principal even today. The kindergarten classes run at this facility in Kottivakkam. Classes 1 to 7 are conducted at Thoraipakkam and this school is named Headstart Learning Centre.
Growth: Headstart is growing at one class a year for the past few years. Along the way it was in doubt as to its ability to offer higher classes because of space constraints and had limited the growth upto class 5. The current facility, however, allays any doubt in the promotors' minds, and Headstart is now offering upto class 7 and will go upto class 10, growing one class every academic year. Headstart is adding one class every year to fulfill its commitment to students who have been with it since kindergarten benefitting from its methodology. It is currently accepting admissions to all class levels upto class 8.
Head Start Sports
Head Start Sports
School with a difference: Headstart is different in the way it teaches its children, Headstart is different in how it prepares children for adulthood, Headstart is different in its goals in educating children, Headstart is different in the materials and media it uses to educate children, Headstart is different in who it accepts for admissions, Headstart is different in how it integrates children who are different. These are a few reasons why the promoters believe that Headstart is a school with a difference.

Children attending Headstart feel school is a home away from home. They are completely at home in the school and often wish to attend school even on days when they are recommended to stay home, say due to an illness. Every class has projects, games, art, dance, and music and much more to reinforce their learning. Headstart believes in teaching children through various media and innovative methods. All children participate in the activities the school conducts, with no exceptions. The school appreciates all performances . Every Headstarter participates in the school's sports day and every child gets a memento for participation. This is true in every annual day celebration as well. Every child gets up on stage and performs.

Headstart is an inclusive school. 15% of our students are children with special needs. It has children who are dyslexic, slow learners, and children with poor vision and hearing difficulties. It wishes to integrate children who are differently abled with the mainstream so everyone gains from the experience. Those differently abled learn to work with others without similar disabilities and the mainstream learn to be empathetic towards these children. Through the Trust, Headstart's promoters also sponsor the education of a few, both in its own schools, and in a few cases, in other schools as well.

Headstart is an integrating school. It have children attending Headstart who are from completely different economic and social backgrounds. It want Headstarters to be able to appreciate each other without letting the financial or social position of each others' parents influence how they interact with one another.

Headstart is an evolving school. It continually upgrades its teachers' skills. It listens to the school's parent community closely to better address their needs and their concerns. Headstart recognises that it is serving them and their children and in order to do this effectively, it must always know what their current needs are.
Headstart is a transparent school. It shares with its school's parents detailed information on anything it is considering for its students. Every activity, every event of Headstart, every noteworthy mention of the school or its Principal, is covered in depth in the school's website,

Headstart is an innovative school. The promoters understand the essence of "why we are where we are," and try to make the experience memorable, both to Headstart children and their parents, and to the management and the teachers.

Children learn various topics or subjects sometimes through games and at other times, through activities. Just to say a few, class 1 children cut a cake, divide it into parts to understand fractions, class 2 plays musical chair to learn Tamil, class 3 plays dumb charades to learn English, class 4 work on projects to learn about religion, class 5 learns Science through Mind Maps, class 6 and class 7 learn robotics to understand computer science. While it is hard to capture the essence of how we teach each of these skills or subjects, the point Headstart wishes to convey here is that it tries to make learning fun and ensures that all its children learn their subjects.

Headstart is a friendly school. Its children have friendly interactions with the teachers. The relationship between students and teachers is very informal . Headstart doesnt have rigid expectations and so it doesn't set unreasonable rules.

Every activity is child-friendly and child-centric. The school keeps focusing on its students, not on the school, not on the parents, or the teachers, but on the students, for it is they who it serves and it is their development that it must shape.

Headstart Learning Centre is on an 8 ground property that it has leased for 25 years, starting from 2005. We are somewhat limited in the space we have for sports and games, but we use it very effectively. We are investing further in this same property to spruce it up and have it meet different board requirements.

Studying at Headstart Nursery and Primary School and studying at Headstart Learning Centre is an exhilarating experience no child or parent must pass up, so visit both, understand what each school does and support Headstart in the delivery of quality education.
Headstart's Principal as Chief Guest:
Mrs. Sudha Mahesh, was the chief guest at Bala Vidya Mandir for their kindergarten annual day celebration on 15th Feb, 2006.
On 6th March, she will also address a gathering of teachers attending a teacher training programme at Padma Seshadri Bala Bhavan. Transcript of the first speech will soon be available online.

She said that she has known Mrs.Mahesh for many years and that she was proud to have been her mentor for over two decades. She also said that there was so much fun and learning going on at Headstart and praised the institution for raising above the clutter of schools in Chennai, and delivering on all it promises.

Singapore Government visits Headstart: Earlier in the year, Head of Preschool, Ministry of Education, Republic of Singapore, Mrs.Christina Ratnam, came to see Headstart in session and had these words of praise.

"The pleasure was ours, and we truly appreciated the warmth with which you welcomed us, and shared with us your ideas and teaching materials. We were very touched by your generosity in sharing what many may consider as "trade secrets" in the profession.,"

Renovations and New Facility: Headstart Nursery & Primary School, has government recognition now. The building has been spruced up and facilities have been added for all classes. As a result of these renovations, the classes can now function efficiently. There are also additional rooms available now for children we might admit later in the year.

Headstart Learning Centre, was opened at the begining of the academic year 2005-06. The facility is very spacious. Grades 1 through 7 attended classes here. Directions to this facility is available here.

Donations Are Tax Exempted Now: In being recognised as an Educational and Charitable Trust, the School has obtained the approval of the Income Tax Department to receive donations eligible for tax exemption under section 80(G) of the Income Tax Act. Since the school caters to a wide segment of the society comprising the affluent as well as the lower income groups and children from refugee families, any contribution will go for this noble cause and we welcome visitors to this site to consider the same favourably.

Donations:We started the year with some contributions that are invaluable to us now. We received a printer from one of our ardent supporters, Mr. Y.Ananthanarayanan of Bangalore. Mr. Ananth also donated an excellent collection of encyclopedia. Mr Kumar Subramaniam of Kumaran Software Ltd (Taramani, Chennai) contributed a computer with monitor, keyboard and speakers. We're thankful to him as well.

We invite both parents and well wishers to support us and help grow Headstart. If you would like to contribute and need to get in touch with us, use our contact page to reach us.

Assorted News: The school is organising a Reach Out programme to the people in the neighbourhood, putting on display the educational aids and methodologies we employ. The "Open House" programme was scheduled on the 28th of July 2003.
Headstart conducts exhibitions regularly to let children show others their ideas and interests. They give children opportunity to share their knowledge with others as well as clarify their own understanding. By exhibiting their handy-work, children show the rest of us their creativeness and profound understanding of the subjects on exhibit.
To view the photos from Headstart's fifth annual exhibition -this year's theme was planet Earth.

Exhibitions bring out the creativity in children. Children readily develop the necessary paradigms to explain their findings. And by sharing what they know, they feel proud of their abilities. Parents too get a better understanding of their capabilities.

Our faculty is aware of the enthusiasm that exhibitions generate among children and teachers. Teachers help children present everything the children have read or have been taught. Experienced teachers work closely with new and younger faculty to develop the relevant skills. They are all in constant consultation with one another, and ensure that children are properly prepared with their exhibits and related text. Consequently, their efforts help reinforce ideas previously learnt.

Headstarters out on field trips: Children from classes 3 to 7 were out on field trips between 23rd Feb and 28th Feb, 2006. Photos from their trip will soon be available for parents to see. The children had a lot of fun. Any discussion on their field trip can be had in the school's discussion board. Click here to add your messages.

Special dignitaries talking about Headstart: Headstart celebrated its 11th Annual Day programme on 3rd December, 2005, with much fun fare and aplomb. The Chief guest for the evening was Ms.Shakuntala Sharma, Secretary, Children's Garden School, Chennai. She praised Mrs.Sudha Mahesh, Headstart's Principal, for her committment to child development and quality education, and applauded the parents who chose Headstart for their children.

The field trips and cookery classes have started in full earnest. Children of Class 5 have already gone on trips to the Kalakshetra and a few other important sites in Chennai, including the 6th century Marundeeswarar Temple in our own neighbourhood. Class 4 children visited the Adyar Main Post Office as part of their current project.

The children of classes 3rd, 4th and 5th attended the musical play "Oliver Twist" recently and enjoyed it thoroughly.

LKG, UKG, 1st and 2nd graders attended a Sing-Along Programme at the Music Academy. Two of our teachers also went on stage and sang for the assembled children.

We've introduced many innovative systems for children to handle notebooks better. We've been continually up-grading both our facility and the services we provide in our premises. Our constant pursuit after quality can be seen in every activity we have undertaken.
Education through Music: Headstart uses several mediums to educate children; Art, Craft, Singing, Dancing, Book Reading and Story Telling.... One such is Music. Most children enjoy dancing, singing, and listening to music and don't think of them as being laborious.
Music Class
Music Class

By paying attention to detail and listening to the songs carefully (in order to repeat after them,) children learn how to grasp ideas and retain them in memory. And since this is done voluntarily, learning comes easily. Headstart encourages children to sing aloud recognizing their need for attention. Studies have shown that children can recognize sounds very early on; right from when they are in their mother's womb.

Music like Art is easy to enjoy and is a means for one to express oneself. One needs no talent or training in order to appreciate it. Everyone responds to music of one form or another, be it Karnatic, Western, or any other as it appeals to their hearts. It can paint some unforgettable pictures in the minds of the listener. It can bring both joy and sorrow. It can carry away one to far away dreamy places.

We recommend that children be introduced to music at pre-school and kindergarten level.

The school conducted two sing-along programs, one in English, and the other in Tamil. Subsequently, the songs were released as professional music cds and audio tapes. Audio tapes are now available at popular stores in the city such as Odessey at Adyar, Words and Worth in Besantnagar, and Good Books in Abhiramapuram. Both albums are available as audio cds only at the school. You can procure the albums at the school's premisesl.
Headstart School
3/353 5th Street, Janani Venkateshwara Nagar,Tiruvanmiyur,
Chennai-600 041
Phone : +91-044-24511506

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