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Sri Vidhya Academy International Residential School
Our Vision
Sri Vidhya Academy has a vision to provide a caring environment for children to Aspire and guide them to Acquire the necessary knowledge to Achieve happiness and success.
Our Purpose
... is to lead the children entering our portal on a voyage of self-discovery. We are committed to provide quality education in a stress free environment. We identify and nurture the latent creative potential in every child. We enable our students to face a competitive world with confidence and poise. Our thrust is on eternal values of fair play and justice; a life of harmony with society and environment; opening the gateway to the best of world culture and traditions; and inculcate a sense of responsibility to preserve and protect our heritage.
About Us
Sri Vidhya Academy International Residential School is located in Chennai (formerly Madras) on the east coast of South India. Drawing inspiration from the gurukul style of learning combined with modern tools of 21st century’s education, it is a co-educational school promoting healthy relationship. The school provides excellent academia with a spectrum of extra-curricular activities and opportunities to learn many basic skills.
Our Curriculum
The School has been accredited the status of Cambridge International center by the University of Cambridge and open for admission from classes I to X. Classes XI and XII would be added as our students reach these classes. We limit our intake to 25 students per class with a healthy 1:25 teacher student ratio. Apart from Tamil, English, Hindi, Sanskrit and French, students can opt to learn other oriental and European languages.
Our Principal
S. Muthukrishnan, has been experienced as a principal in both the CBSE and Matriculation system of education for the past 24 yrs. He was honoured with 'Science Popularisation Award' by Tamilnadu Science and Technology center. He was awarded 'Dr. Radhakrishnan Award for Teachers' by the Government of Tamilnadu. A member of 'the state High level committee for Circulum Development'. Also a recipient of 'Centeneratian Trust seva Ratna Award' and 'Padma Vidyasagar Award'. He was the chairperson of the authors of English Text Book for Matriculation School prescribed W.e.f 2006. He was in the editorial Board of the English Text Book for Higher secondary classes of the Tamilnadu Government. Chairman of the International Award for young people - South zone, India otherwise known as Duke of Edirburgh Award. Vice President of the Tamilnadu sepak - Takraw Association.
Student Club
We see students as a source of energy and ideas and as potential leaders and managers. Therefore, at our student club, debating, quizzing, publishing school magazine will be a regular feature. Students are taught to develop analytical skills, time management, reasoning, lateral thinking, improved reading, writing and public speaking. They are constantly exposed to lectures and seminars by eminent guest speakers.
Students are encouraged in organizing cultural meets, to showcase their talents, to promote teamwork, to display their managerial and leadership qualities. Spirit of healthy competition and appreciation of talent will demonstrate a rounded attitude to life.


Physical Education
The campus has large playing fields. Students are encouraged to participate in all kinds of sports and games for physical fitness and mental alertness. Facilities for games like tennis, volleyball, hockey, football, cricket and basketball are of international standards. Adequate infrastructure and safety equipment for field and track athletics, swimming, horse riding and gymnasium are available.
Training in indoor games such as chess, carrom, table tennis, badminton, snooker and billiards are also available. Yoga, meditation and regular fitness training are part of our daily regimen. Students having special talent for particular sports are identified and given professional coaching.
Extracurricular Pursuits
Sri Vidhya Academy offers a wide-range of extracurricular activities, like painting, dance, vocal & instrumental music, dramatics, horticulture & agriculture, camping, trekking, clay modeling, pottery, paper making, origami, sewing & embroidery, screen-printing, photography, design technology. We have tie up with renowned art, music and dance schools to train students with an aptitude to excel in their fields of interest. The basic training they have here will awaken their latent talent that in turn would lay the foundation for a desired career.

Excursions are arranged for students to temples, national parks, cultural monuments, museums and other places of interest.
Progress Evaluation
Students are periodically evaluated for their performance in the class and graded accordingly. Those failing to meet required standards are given special and focused attention. Parents are kept informed of their children’s progress regularly. The parents can interact with the school any time regarding the performance of their children. Parent-teachers meetings are arranged through video conferencing, at the parents’ convenience.
Students Learning
Students Learning
Counseling and Career Guidance
Refering Books
Refering Books
Student welfare and advice services are also available. Our counselors help the children to ease into their home away from home, shedding their initial blues. Individual care is given only when needed, for the emotional well being of the students. Career guidance is initiated even in the junior classes. As the students get to senior classes where they need to exercise their options in subjects, they are given more rigorous and personalized counseling.
It is an annual test to assess the knowledge and general awareness in both curricular and co-curricular activities.
Abacus Training
By using an ancient device of abacus - an oriental counting frame - arithmetical operations are made easy.
Special coaching is available for all Entrance Examinations.
Hostel Accommodation
The inmates share a room between three each with a separate cot, cupboard, reading lamp, desk and chair. The rooms are pleasant, hygienic and kept clean by the housekeeping staff. Air-conditioning will be provided, if opted for. The bathrooms and toilets are well designed and adequate. Running hot water is also available.
Reading Room
Reading Room
Dining Hall
It is clean and spacious enough to seat all the students and staff together. This is where the children learn table manners. We have two separate hygienic kitchens, for cooking vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. Students may opt for either. Our dining hall, kitchen and kitchenware are kept in sterile condition.

Healthy food makes body and mind healthier, so your child will have more energy to enjoy learning and playing. We include an array of recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, school time munchies, after school treats, sweets and delicious drinks.
A nutritionist plans the menu, taking into account preferences expressed by student representatives, and guides the kitchen staff in preparing wholesome dishes, whose ingredients may come from the school’s farm.
At bedtime, they are given a glass of milk (flavored or unflavored as preferred).
There is a common room for watching television and playing video games. Movie shows are held in the indoor and open-air theatre. Many festivals are celebrated on the campus. Students are taught to recite shlokas and sing bhajans.
The day ends with bedtime stories that include great epics, folklore and fairytales. Listening to such stories boosts moral values, expands imagination, develops vocabulary, helping them to appreciate the joys of suspense and a happy ending.
The Campus Ambience
A sprawling green oasis of 20 acres, is just 20 miles northwest off the domestic and international airports and within easy reach to all the amenities of the city. The landscaping ensures that the entire campus maintains a comfortable temperature. The campus consists of 50,000 sq.feet of built up area readily available during this first phase with the balance of space utilized for sports facilities and operational needs. The main wing comprises two floors of spacious classrooms, laboratories, library, and art studio. Apart from this, there are separate boys and girls hostels and an administrative building.
The rich soil facilitates organic farming, supplying the school’s kitchen with fresh produce. Furthermore, the students get to test their green fingers! There is an in- house dairy farm to provide fresh milk free from hazardous chemicals and preservatives. At Sri Vidhya Academy, we have ensured uninterrupted power supply by installing standby diesel generators. Solar power is used for heating purposes wherever feasible. There is ample ground water supply with our own treatment plant inside the campus. Rain-harvesting and water conservation are also part of our agenda.
The school buildings combine elegance and majesty required of an institution of learning. Safety and security are of international standards with computerized fire fighting system; smoke detectors, CCTVs and security control access to all areas. Security personnel are equipped with metal detectors and a sophisticated communication system. Our buildings are designed to accommodate the needs of the physically challenged also.
Class Room
Class Room
Class room
The classrooms are spacious enough to accommodate 25 students per class. Each student desk is standalone with aisle on either side permitting free movement. Furniture is ergonomically designed and customized for every child. They also allow for regrouping during teamwork and round table seminars. The dimensions of the classroom, construction style and material as well as the positioning and construction of the teacher’s podium ensure good acoustics.
Each classroom has its own comprehensive audio-visual equipments like LCD projector, overhead projector and digital display screen.
The Laboratories are designed with due emphasis on safety and adequate ventilation. We have two separate well-equipped laboratories dedicated for physical and life sciences for handling regular course work. A third laboratory is also available for curious students to conduct experiments on their own.
Botany Lab
Botany Lab
Our Library has a plethora of more than 50,000 books, hundreds of CDs/DVDs and many audio and videotapes. Students can choose from a variety of books, periodicals, journals and newspapers. We have provision for a comfortable audio-visual room and reprographic facility. An array of computers is available with networking, facilitating the access to various national and international libraries. Our institution is a member of the British Council library.
Our Art and Craft Studios
Our Art and Craft Studios are specially designed and equipped with appropriate furniture and tools, creating the right ambience for the students to perform various activities.

Sri Vidhya Academy is probably the only school in India that offers an astronomy club equipped with a roof-mounted telescope and an observatory.
Our teachers are selected based on expertise as well as for qualities such as dedication, patience and devotion. Further, they are innovative in making learning a pleasurable adventure. They inculcate a desire in the young minds to learn and excel. Classrooms at Sri Vidhya Academy are not merely a podium for tutors to enlighten students, but a place for students to shed their inhibitions and discuss issues freely. Our faculty regularly participates in national and international seminars and workshops on child education for updating the developments. We encourage our teachers to experiment with new methods of teaching both indoor and out door.
Sri Vidhya Academy International Residential School
Pattabiram Road,Sokkanallur,
Chennai-600 072
Phone : +91-044-32914051, 32914052, 32914053

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